E3: Economy, Energy, Environment

The report attached summarizes Ventana’s work, partially funded by the Department of Energy, Office of Science, to develop realistic simulation models to compute the impact of R&D budgets and broader policies on economic growth and the environment. The report briefly describes the goals of the work, some summary results, and the proposed completion of the

EN-ROADS – Energy transition pathways to achieve climate goals

En-ROADS is a fast, powerful simulation tool for understanding how we can achieve our energy transition and climate goals through changes in our energy use, consumption, and policies. Sign-up to stay informed. USE EN-ROADS En-ROADS focuses on how changes in global GDP, energy efficiency, R&D results, carbon price, fuel mix, and other factors change carbon

Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Cities is a proposed technology-enabled partnership between cities and institutional investors to make participating cities financially qualified for sustainable investment, development, economic performance, quality of life and environmental health. The project will: 1)   establish investment-supported performance trajectories that after finance costs generate positive returns for the city 2)  provide sustainability assurance to support

The $3 Trillion Problem: Solving America’s Infrastructure Crisis

This example is a podcast of a conversation between Carter Williams of iSelect and Tom Fiddaman of Ventana. The United States has an infrastructure problem. By some estimates, America needs about $3 trillion of investment in its critical infrastructure to support its crumbling bridges, highways, dams and other structures. That’s a big number. The American

Pharmaceuticals Marketing

Ventana has built marketing models for a variety of drug classes (see other examples in our pharmaceuticals category). This video demonstrates a model distilled from several of those implementations, including nonlinearity of the outcome – meaning, for example, that optimal pricing is not independent of marketing effort, and vice versa. The model includes dynamics of

Stocking Algorithms

For a large and very successful retailer, Ventana evaluated the company’s sales forecasting system, which the retailer believed to be state-of-the-art. By studying the company’s historical sales data and working with the client to understand the data better, we were able to show that assumptions built into the forecasting algorithms were inappropriate. We then showed

Leveraging Individual Patient Data

In building simulation models of pharmaceutical markets over the last fourteen years, one of the biggest changes has involved the availability of data for very large blinded samples of individual patients. In Europe this trend moved somewhat ahead of the United States. But now, the availability of data from managed care organizations, hospitals and large

Market Impact of Generic Drugs

This topic is to give an example of Ventana technical success in: (a) tackling an important and difficult pharma prediction problem, and (b) suggesting that this success can be replicated because the causal drivers of generic sales growth tend to be same across therapy areas and countries. In 2001, Ventana was asked to predict the