Chemical Testing

For a business unit of a large chemical company, Ventana built a model-based decision support system to help managers and scientists decide what integrated testing to perform. Testing issues were particularly important because testing represented over half of the business unit’s controllable costs. The initial Ventana decision-support system coupled business and scientific issues, and it

Reducing Aircraft Manufacturing Cost

An aircraft manufacturer hired Ventana to discover why the firm appeared to lose production control whenever it had its greatest marketing successes. Ventana approached the problem by constructing a simulation model of the company based on discussions with managers and engineers as well as company operating plans and reports. When Ventana tested the model against

Next Generation Air Transportation System

The Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) provides annual air transportation research and development funding guidance to its participating federal agencies, to help coordinate their investments and activities toward the development of NextGen, the Next Generation Air Transport System. Ventana developed a quantitative framework, described in the paper available below for download, to help JPDO

National Airspace System

For the US Federal Avaiation Administration, Ventana developed a comprehensive National Airspace System (NAS) Strategy Simulator. The simulator provides a framework to evaluate infrastructure and regulatory strategy. To achieve realism without getting bogged down in massive detail, the model aggregates participants into communities, each acting in its own interests. The model takes a high-level approach

B2B Economy

For a leading information technology provider, Ventana modeled the potential behaviors of B2B e-markets. Crucial model aspects included the effects of market uncertainty, and the effects of choices made by individual businesses on the general economy. By examining the bottom-line effects for all participants in different B2B market models, Ventana determined which designs and price