Ventana was founded in 1985 to apply modern techniques of simulation and data analysis to problems in business, economics and engineering. To learn to make realistic models of businesses and markets, the founders of Ventana studied at MIT under Professor Jay W. Forrester. To test and calibrate the models, they studied under MIT Professor Fred C. Schweppe, who had developed some of the key algorithms for making deductions about complex systems using incomplete and inaccurate data.

Since its founding Ventana has been configured to enable continuing research. A geographically distributed company since 1987, Ventana personnel choose their own work environments and pursue research and work of interest. The company enjoys an extraordinary retention rate.

Vensim, Ventana’s modeling environment, was originally developed for internal use and still is influenced by the needs of Ventana client projects. Ventana made Vensim available commercially beginning in 1991 and provides it free of charge for educational use.