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Vensim® is the the software of choice for thousands of analysts, consultants and researchers worldwide for building high quality simulation models in business, scientific, environmental, and social systems.

Vensim integrates into one environment a powerful suite of tools for developing, testing, interpreting, and distributing models. These tools include cause-and-effect diagramming, graphical and textual model construction, easy reproduction of model structure using subscripts (arrays), Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis, optimization, data handling, and application interfaces. Further features enable advanced model resolution and fidelity. Vensim includes patented techniques to aid error detection, error prevention, and rapid comprehension of complex results.

Vensim is available worldwide and in a range of editions, including the fully functional Personal Learning Edition which is free for academic or personal use. To learn more, or to purchase Vensim, visit us at



Ventity is new simulation software for complex systems.

Key benefits are:

  • Modularity and object orientation, supporting sectors and complex agents with ad hoc lists and sparse matrices
  • Dynamic creation and deletion of model components and relationships
  • Support for team collaboration
  • Advanced graphics and a new, clean look
  • Just like Vensim, a pure declarative language (no programming)

Ventity is commercially available, with cutting-edge users; visit for details, subscriptions, and a free trial.