Infrastructure management is a complex, dynamic systems problem of the kind Ventana Systems, Inc. has specialized in for 30 years. Ventana draws on the work of leaders such as Fred Schweppe (father of electrical power grid calculations) and Jay Forrester (father of system dynamics) at MIT, using advanced statistics from radar and code-breaking. Ventana has

Energy and Environment

The connections among energy production and use, the environment and the economy are both deep and rich. Understanding systems in this space requires robust models that can embrace the big picture without taking oversimplifying shortcuts or becoming incomprehensibly complex. View examples of our energy and environmental work.

Marketing and Operations

In fast-moving and interconnected marketplaces, it is easy to fall into the trap of solving the wrong problem. Finding root causes and hidden leverage is crucial—and generally requires very careful treatment of data. View examples of our work in marketing and operations.

Strategy and Policy

When informing decisions that are national or global in scope and whose effect will last years to decades, it is critical to model both the intended effects, and the often-delayed side effects, of policy actions.