Infrastructure management is a complex, dynamic systems problem of the kind Ventana Systems, Inc. has specialized in for 30 years. Ventana draws on the work of leaders such as Fred Schweppe (father of electrical power grid calculations) and Jay Forrester (father of system dynamics) at MIT, using advanced statistics from radar and code-breaking.

Ventana has patented improvements in dynamic modeling for model quality and advanced treatment of data to address the complexity of multi-faceted, long-horizon investments, and a rich history applying these tools to complex issues in portfolio analysis, project planning, and public policy.

Ventana wants to solve the challenge of connecting sufficient capital to infrastructure and coupling it to economic, social and environmental well-being. This is one of the primary challenges of our times. Creating the sustainable fiscal framework to meet this challenge requires new applications of advanced tools. Those who leverage them will lead in creating sustainable prosperity.

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Resources on modern tools applied to making the business case for civic investment: