Debunking Misleading Cost Data

A leading electronics company hired Ventana to examine in-house business modeling activities and the company’s data for supporting them. The purpose of the Ventana work was to recommend ways to strengthen in-house analytical efforts and to help improve the performance of a failing sector in the company’s corporate portfolio. Within days of starting work, Ventana

California GHG Reduction Policy Collaboratives

Ventana facilitated the California GHG reduction (AB32) Policy Collaboratives, sponsored by industry and supported by the Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission, and other agencies, with active environmental NGO participation. These analytically-driven workshops have produced key policy insights on AB32 Policy and the Low Carbon Fuels Standard Crude Oil Flows Combined Heat and Power

Enabling the Residential Property Index

Ventana and Radar Logic have developed a methodology for examining the vast amount of data that exists in the real estate market. Our patent-pending1,2 technology harnesses powerful methods of analysis from fundamental nuclear physics and innovations in statistical analysis in order to translate this data into the Radar Logic Daily™Prices, an accurate reflection of the values

Electricity Production in Rapidly Growing Economies

For the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Ventana created a National Strategic Electric Power Sector model. This model enables the evaluation of economic policies and portfolios of energy source technologies to evaluate pollution output, production cost, and electrical availability of electric power on a national scale.The model includes not only an

C-ROADS – Climate Simulation for Decision Makers

In partnership with the Sustainability Institute and MIT since 2008, Ventana Systems has developed “C-ROADS”, a decision-maker-oriented international climate simulator. C-ROADS helps users understand the long term climate impacts of various futures for fossil fuel emissions, other emissions, sequestration, and various uncertainties.C-ROADS stands for “Climate Rapid Overview and Decision-support Simulator.” As opposed to most climate

Improving Survey Data

Typically, Ventana’s analytical methods employ large amounts of both quantitative and qualitative date. This is because most assignments involve serious attempts to validate the cause-and-effect represented in a given model – as well as the ranges of uncertainty that devolve from errors in both the input data and the model formulation. Historically, survey data has

Monitoring Contractor Performance

The Electronic Systems Division (ESD) of the United States Air Force hired Ventana to create a model for contract management and control. The objective was to make accurate forecasts of project outcomes using only the limited contract data provided to the Government by private contractors. In its first application, the Ventana model accurately predicted that

Marketing New Pharmaceutical Products

Starting in 1997 and continuing over more than a decade, Ventana built a number of different models for one of the world’s best known pharmaceuticals companies. These models were designed to make contingent predictions of drug sales using inputs such as the attributes of products and the mix of promotion alternatives available. Several of the

Computer Peripherals

For a worldwide supplier of computer peripherals, Ventana predicted the effects of alternative price-package options on costs and sales. Starting with a detailed understanding of dozens of ways consumers use the products, the model was used to find the optimal product design and pricing, to meet market share and profitability targets.

Aircraft Fleet Sparing

Spares management was important to the Flexible Sustainment program being proposed by Boeing to the US Air Force for the C-17 program (see Making the Case for Privatizing a Government Function). The task of creating an information and analysis system for spare parts was put out for competitive procurement and the industry leader in logistics