Project Management Models

Ventana® Project Models focus on the true drivers of output quality, schedule, and cost. They provide a top-down view of major project components, estimating how completion speed and error generation are affected by the availability and quality of labor and prerequisite work. They identify program problems by technical sub-system. They help optimize schedule and budget in the face of shifting deadlines, funding, and output requirements.

Forecasting the Rate of Technical Breakthroughs

For a major energy company, Ventana consultants built a dynamic simulation model to forecast the rate of technical progress for a $100+ million/year development program and support proactive program management. The model supplemented traditional program management tools and forecasting methods, which were funded at much higher levels. The goal of the development program was to

Monitoring Contractor Performance

The Electronic Systems Division (ESD) of the United States Air Force hired Ventana to create a model for contract management and control. The objective was to make accurate forecasts of project outcomes using only the limited contract data provided to the Government by private contractors. In its first application, the Ventana model accurately predicted that