Marketing and Operations Examples

“With strategic modeling a certain dialogue capability becomes possible that simply hasn’t occurred with other kinds of modeling in the past.” Ventana, 2019

Stocking Algorithms

For a large and very successful retailer, Ventana evaluated the company’s sales forecasting system, which the retailer believed to be state-of-the-art. By studying the company’s historical sales data and working with the client to understand the data better, we were able to show that assumptions built into the forecasting algorithms were inappropriate. We then showed

Calculating Liability Reserves for Loyalty Programs

The finance department of a large hotel chain was concerned that it was understating the size of the financial liability incurred when it awarded “frequent guest” points that guests could redeem in the future for free room nights. The sales department found its loyalty program very effective in improving business hotel occupancy and revenue, and

Improving Survey Data

Typically, Ventana’s analytical methods employ large amounts of both quantitative and qualitative date. This is because most assignments involve serious attempts to validate the cause-and-effect represented in a given model – as well as the ranges of uncertainty that devolve from errors in both the input data and the model formulation. Historically, survey data has