Financial Services Examples

Ventana’s work was a little black magic. They were able to predict things that other people couldn’t see. It resulted in us making the right choices and keeping us in business. We could have made some very bad mistakes.” Stanley Corcoran, Executive VP, Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association, 2019

Strategic Direction for a Building Industry Consortium

A consortium of building industry professionals formed a corporation to develop innovative housing using seed money from the U.S. Department of Energy, and included Ventana in their strategic planning. At the group’s early strategic planning sessions, consortium members expressed strong convictions about the attributes they wanted their products to have. Their values included a strong sense

Competitive Insurance Pricing

A nonprofit insurer of municipalities and townships was under heavy attack by a commercial insurer offering very low prices for insurance. In five years the competitor had gone from about 10% market share in property & casualty insurance to almost 70% in the nonprofit insurer’s region. Over this period, all other competitors in the region

Debunking Misleading Cost Data

A leading electronics company hired Ventana to examine in-house business modeling activities and the company’s data for supporting them. The purpose of the Ventana work was to recommend ways to strengthen in-house analytical efforts and to help improve the performance of a failing sector in the company’s corporate portfolio. Within days of starting work, Ventana

Enabling the Residential Property Index

Ventana and Radar Logic have developed a methodology for examining the vast amount of data that exists in the real estate market. Our patent-pending1,2 technology harnesses powerful methods of analysis from fundamental nuclear physics and innovations in statistical analysis in order to translate this data into the Radar Logic Daily™Prices, an accurate reflection of the values

B2B Economy

For a leading information technology provider, Ventana modeled the potential behaviors of B2B e-markets. Crucial model aspects included the effects of market uncertainty, and the effects of choices made by individual businesses on the general economy. By examining the bottom-line effects for all participants in different B2B market models, Ventana determined which designs and price