Energy and Environment Examples

“I found dynamic modeling to be intuitive and very, very useful. It provided us with scenarios under different conditions and it could do it on a real time basis, versus the econometric models in which changing the variables and getting different results is cumbersome.”  Bill Valdez, DOE Office of Science, now President, Senior Executives Association 2019

E3: Economy, Energy, Environment

The report attached summarizes Ventana’s work, partially funded by the Department of Energy, Office of Science, to develop realistic simulation models to compute the impact of R&D budgets and broader policies on economic growth and the environment. The report briefly describes the goals of the work, some summary results, and the proposed completion of the

EN-ROADS – Energy transition pathways to achieve climate goals

En-ROADS is a fast, powerful simulation tool for understanding how we can achieve our energy transition and climate goals through changes in our energy use, consumption, and policies. Sign-up to stay informed. USE EN-ROADS En-ROADS focuses on how changes in global GDP, energy efficiency, R&D results, carbon price, fuel mix, and other factors change carbon

Forecasting the Rate of Technical Breakthroughs

For a major energy company, Ventana consultants built a dynamic simulation model to forecast the rate of technical progress for a $100+ million/year development program and support proactive program management. The model supplemented traditional program management tools and forecasting methods, which were funded at much higher levels. The goal of the development program was to

California GHG Reduction Policy Collaboratives

Ventana facilitated the California GHG reduction (AB32) Policy Collaboratives, sponsored by industry and supported by the Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission, and other agencies, with active environmental NGO participation. These analytically-driven workshops have produced key policy insights on AB32 Policy and the Low Carbon Fuels Standard Crude Oil Flows Combined Heat and Power

Electricity Production in Rapidly Growing Economies

For the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Ventana created a National Strategic Electric Power Sector model. This model enables the evaluation of economic policies and portfolios of energy source technologies to evaluate pollution output, production cost, and electrical availability of electric power on a national scale.The model includes not only an

C-ROADS – Climate Simulation for Decision Makers

In partnership with the Sustainability Institute and MIT since 2008, Ventana Systems has developed “C-ROADS”, a decision-maker-oriented international climate simulator. C-ROADS helps users understand the long term climate impacts of various futures for fossil fuel emissions, other emissions, sequestration, and various uncertainties.C-ROADS stands for “Climate Rapid Overview and Decision-support Simulator.” As opposed to most climate