Ventana Prospective: City & Infrastructure Management Examples

“The goal of system dynamics models is to use simulation to study and break down problems, so we can later go in and improve the system without making costly mistakes or going down blind alleys. It allows us to model out different potential outcomes and use them to make decisions in a way that is much cheaper than flying real airplanes or changing real cities.” Ventana, 2019

Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Cities is a proposed technology-enabled partnership between cities and institutional investors to make participating cities financially qualified for sustainable investment, development, economic performance, quality of life and environmental health. The project will: 1)   establish investment-supported performance trajectories that after finance costs generate positive returns for the city 2)  provide sustainability assurance to support

The $3 Trillion Problem: Solving America’s Infrastructure Crisis

This example is a podcast of a conversation between Carter Williams of iSelect and Tom Fiddaman of Ventana. The United States has an infrastructure problem. By some estimates, America needs about $3 trillion of investment in its critical infrastructure to support its crumbling bridges, highways, dams and other structures. That’s a big number. The American