Tony Kennedy

Tony Kennedy is a co-founder of Ventana Systems UK and is the Technical Director, responsible for UK software development and technical support to projects. His background includes computer-based simulations using both system dynamics and discrete event simulation techniques. He has extensive experience in computer simulation, mathematical modeling, software development, client/server database design and analysis, GUI design and development and Web page development. Tony helped form Ventana Systems UK in 2001. He has applied models to war-gaming, manpower, capacity planning, and maintenance issues. He is also the developer of Sable, a GUI builder for Vensim. Tony’s business consulting includes models of European air traffic controller recruitment, pilot recruitment, ERP capacity planning and logistics & equipment support. Tony has taught Vensim and system dynamics across Europe. He was the lead developer for technology to allow a major networked simulation of war-games of land, air and maritime warfare.

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