David W. Peterson

David Peterson is Ventana’s Chairman. He is internationally recognized for system dynamics and optimal control modeling expertise in developing systems for business strategy optimization and enterprise-wide decision support. His methodology emphasizes the testing of models with incomplete and approximate data. His over thirty years’ experience includes successful engagements in R&D management, global marketing strategies, new

Ronald L. Suiter

Ron Suiter is responsible for program development and project management in Ventana, primarily in transportation, energy, and complex system management. His many years applying Ventana technology to business strategy problems, first as a customer and for the past six years as an independent consultant, gives him a unique perspective on how and where these tools

Karl von Laudermann

Karl joined Ventana’s product development team in 2013. He is a senior software engineer with strong product development experience and a skilled object-oriented designer with an emphasis on user friendly GUI design, and clean, robust code architecture. Karl was a key contributor to the development of the Jitia System Dynamics simulation system at PA Consulting. He

Larry Yeager

Larry Yeager is the Head of Development and leads the future development and support of Ventana’s Vensim® software. He joined Ventana Systems in 2010. He previously served as Vice President of Development and member of senior management in several software and technology development companies. He led the development of Jitia, a System Dynamics modeling package